May 8, 2020

Zoom tips for teachers

In COVID-19 era, education has become virtual and teachers are using video conferencing apps like Zoom. My wife is a teacher and I have helped her recently setting up the most compatible environment for teaching which is safe and effective. Here are some tips for teachers to be more effective with your Zoom classes:


You should keep recording enabled for the session and ask students to send you chat message present. I found out if you are recording your zoom session on your system, then the session chat is also exported to the same folder where the exported recording is. attendance

It is confusing to take attendance when you have so many students on your screen. And it can easily take up 10 minutes of your time to take attendance the regular way by calling names. Although you will still have to read the chat.txt file for transforming the chat data to how you are marking attendance. I am thinking of creating a script for my wife which transforms the chat.txt file to a suitable format.

Disable scribbling by others


This is really necessary if you have primary school students who love to scribble.

Enable waiting room for your class

When scheduling a meeting check the Enable Waiting Room option waiting_room

This helps you to only accept students who you know by name. This also helps during attendance as this ensures that the students are joining by their real names which will be used in chat.txt.

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